Looking In

I believe successful photographs are created when you are visually sensitive to your environment and intuitive of human behavior. Prepare for the unexpected and delight in the ordinary. With a camera we can be open to chance, but skilled in the controlled manipulation of luck.

Prior to comprehending the importance of being a Kansas Jayhawk, I was born and raised in Missouri. After earning a master's degree in photojournalism from Ball State University in Indiana, my camera brought me to Kansas. Since 1984, I have used my camera to document the people and events of Douglas County as a visual journalist and former chief photographer with the Lawrence Journal-World.

I use the camera as an instrument of intuition and spontaneity, to engage the world and share my vision. My aim is to frame subjects in those brief moments when visual clarity, content and form intersect to reveal the subject with honesty and respect.

My photographs have gained honors from groups such as the National Press Photographer's Association, Kansas Press Association, and Associated Press. My photographs have been published in magazines and books, including the national publications "America 24/7", "Kansas 24/7", and "America at Home". In 2007, I self-published a book on my 25-year documentation of the Vinland Fair.

When not behind a camera, I am often found behind a guitar. I have been a member of the The Alferd Packer Memorial String Band for over 25 years, writing songs about Kansas and performing throughout the Mid-west. Listen to one of my recent songs by the band at the link below.

In addition to photography and music, I enjoy hiking, bicycle touring with friends, and 5 o'clock happy hours. I live in East Lawrence with my wife Karen Seibel and our two cats, Django and Joey.